Hybrid Cloud Strategy eBook

Kick start your hybrid cloud strategy with expert advice

Learn the most strategic approach to hybrid cloud.

Kick start your hybrid cloud strategy with expert advice


About the eBook

Cloud, once promised as the disruptive technology, is gaining traction. The biggest digital disruptors (think Uber, Airbnb and Netflix) are reshaping entire industries using cloud-based innovation.

Learn how to deploy and evolve hybrid cloud the right way from the start, so your business can survive and thrive as your industry digitally transforms.

In this eBook, TELUS and IDC offer expert advice on how to drive hybrid cloud success.

You’ll learn

  • Aligning business goals with cloud capabilities and IT requirements
  • Setting a baseline and reassessing often
  • Deploying workloads strategically
  • Making decisions to keep data in Canada for the right reasons
  • Looking for an IT partner who can provide cloud infrastructure as well as migration, integration and management

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